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From: Mark Pennington
Subject: Eating at the Apple part 2 of ?================================================================
Eating at the Apple part 2 of ?
A Story by Mr_MarkWOW! I didn't expect such response to my first story. You have been very
kind and some of you have been very naughty as well! :)I do need to let you all know, however, that the events I chronicled took
place over 20 years ago. I'm no longer 17 but still quite flattered by the
propositions that came with some of the letters.In the previous chapter: I was a 17 year old (seemingly) straight boy
spending a week in Seattle with his cousin. I was introduced to gay sex by
a gentle, loving sexy man in his 20s at the Apple Theatre, a XXX movie
house. As the story drew to a close, I had made arrangements with my new
lover to meet him the next day at his apartment'
==============================================================I took the bus back to my cousin's house in North Seattle. To say I was
confused would be an understatement! I knew I couldn't call myself straight
any longer. young nymph porn
Truth was, though, I didn't feel any different. nude younger sex Truth was,
another man had just given me the most awesome orgasm of my life! That
required some pretty serious rethinking of priorities!I was so lost in thought that I didn't even notice when someone sat next to
me on the bus. I was too busy thinking top young modles about what had happened, playing it
over again and again in my mind. And getting hard again.Without even thinking, I placed my hand in my crotch and adjusted my
package. I gave myself a squeeze and a rub when I did it, too. That was
when I realized I wasn't alone in the seat and looked to my left.I couldn't breath! Even before I discovered I was bi-sexual, I would have
reacted the exact same way, I'm sure. Seated next to me was the most
beautiful guy I'd ever seen! He looked to be a little younger than me but
totally gorgeous! You could have put a dress on him and he would have had
no trouble passing as a girl. He had long, blond hair, green eyes and pale,
smooth skin. He was wearing shorts and a tank top and looking right down at
my crotch as I rubbed myself.'Enjoying yourself?' he said with a smile.'Uh, I mean I was just, uh,' I managed to stammer out.He told me not to worry about it; I obviously had something on my mind and
hadn't realized where I was. We got to talking and as hammered young pussy we talked it seemed
we were touching each other a lot. Innocent touches, on the hand, the arm,
the knee. Trouble was, it was really turning me on and I was pretty sure it
was having the same effect on my new friend, Tim.'Hey, this is my stop, want to come over and hang out with me for a while'
My cousin won't be home for a few hours. We'll have the place to ourselves,
listen to the radio, have a beer or two?''Cool!' he said.When we got to the house, I unlocked the door and motioned for Tim young teen bikinis to head
up the stairs. I followed him closely, staring at his ass the entire time.
When we got to the room I was using, I told him to make himself at home and
I got a couple of beers from the little fridge there. I turned on the radio
and some song by the Stones started to play.We both started making fun of Mick Jagger, pretending we had massive lips
and all that. We were sitting on my bed and laughing so hard that Tim fell
over and I fell on top of him. My face was in his hair, my hands were on
his shoulders. I just sort of slipped my arms around him and held him. He
stiffened up a bit and then, real shyly, he put his arms around me.I was lying on top of him. Our crotches were pressed together and suddenly
I was totally hard again. I kissed his temple, his head, his ear. I felt
him move beneath me, pressing up into me. We were kissing each mature and young
other all
over our faces but not yet on the lips.'Oh Tim, you are fucking beautiful, man! I wanted you young little breasts the moment I saw you.
I love how you feel in my arms!''Mark, fuck me, Suck me, feed me your dick! I fell in love with you as soon
as I saw you!'Our lips met and locked. I sucked Tim's tongue deep into my mouth, running
my tongue all over and around teen young gallery his. I could feel his hard cock pressing
against mine as we ground our crotches together.I couldn't stand having clothes on another second! I sat up and tore my
shirt off. I'd already kicked my shoes off so it took just a quick tug and
my pants and briefs were on the floor and I was naked before my lover. My
cock was already dripping as I watched Tim take his shirt off. I helped him
out of his shorts and saw his 5 inches pop straight up.Instantly, I was back on top of him, kissing him, licking him. We were
crazy, we were kissing licking and sucking everything, all the while
telling each other how much we wanted more, how we were in love, all that.Tim came first while I was sucking on his nipples, stroking his hot
cock. He didn't soften a bit afterwards, though. It was like we both had
found some drug that kept us aroused.He sat up with his back against the wall and asked me to fuck his mouth. I
rubbed my cock all over his beautiful face. young chinese schoolgirls Tim kissed my cock and balls
all over before young flashing
opening up and taking the head into his mouth. I started
pressing forward, feeling him run his tongue all around my cock. I didn't
go beyond what was comfortable for him, not wanting to gag him or anything.'Tim, kinder young galeries honey, I'm gonna cum! You want it in your mouth or all over you'? I
asked. He answered my by grabbing my ass and pulling me in deeper. I
finally felt my cock slide down his throat and that sent me over the edge!
I screamed as I came and came and came.I was still somewhat hard and Tim didn't seem interested in letting my cock
loose so I eased us into a 69 position. I engulfed his cock in my mouth and
was impressed with how good it tasted. It tasted faintly like soap and a
little like vanilla. In no time, Tim was moaning around my cock as I licked
and sucked him. Soon, he was coming, too young nudes sending spurts of sweet-tasting cum
into my mouth and down my throat.By now, I was hard again. Tim shot me a puzzled look as I pulled little youngporn
my cock
out of his mouth and grabbed the hand lotion from the night stand. His
puzzlement was replaced by expectation as I squirted a gob of it on my
hand, lubed up my cock and rolled him onto his back.Tim spread his cheeks for me and raised himself up just right. His legs
went over my nude younger sex shoulders and I started pushing at his tight hole. Slowly, I
pushed my cock inside him, inch by inch. Sometimes I had to stop and rest
until he got used to it but eventually, I was buried inside him to the
hilt.'Now I'm going to fuck you, Baby!' I said.'Mark, I'm your woman, your bitch, fuck me!'Tim and I both moaned as I started to slowly pump in and out. As we made
love, I kissed him deeply. I felt his cock rubbing against my belly. When
he reached up and started playing with my nipples, it drove me over the
edge! I started banging him faster and harder.Tim and I came together, me deep inside him and he came all over our
stomachs and chests. We lay there on the bed holding each other for a
while. Finally, Tim said,'I never knew I was gay, Mark. I mean I've never been with a guy before. I
always thought I'd end up alone. I never had a real girl friend. It never
lasted. One even told me I was prettier than she was and that was why she
dumped me!'I'm not sure what I am, Tim. The idea of being with a girl still turns me
on so I guess I'm bi. I didn't even know I was THAT until earlier today.'
Then I told him about my experience at the theatre and my 'date' for
tomorrow. 'Hey, why don't you come along with me tomorrow' I think you'll
like him and I know he'll like you. Call your folks up and see if forbidden young
you can
spend the night. My cousin will let you sleep over, no problem.Tim called and everything was arranged. I suggested we hop in the shower
before my cousin John came home. While in the shower, we washed each other
real well, which got us going again. This time, Tim kneeled in the tub and
sucked me off. He came as we were kissing and rubbing our cocks together.When John got home, he was a little surprised that I'd brought a friend
home but was cool about him sleeping over. I had warned Tim that we
probably couldn't do anything during the night since John's room was right
next door and he was a very light sleeper. We both woke up VERY horny the
next day, ready to go meet my friend from the theatre.But that's a story for later
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